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Featheredge Fence:

Featheredge Fences are a great Robust solution for a new fence. As well as creating a beautiful boundry it is very sturdy and long lasting more so than panel fencing.

To build the featheredge fence there are a set of steps which we take to ensure a long lasting solution:

1. Fix fence posts into ground using post fix concrete.

2. Fix 2 or 3 arris rails horizontally to the fence posts using metal brackets as can be seen on the fence to the right in the picture above. In this case we only fixed 2 arris rails but when the featheredge boards are longer we would fix 3 rails to ensure the boards don't bend over time.

3. Fix gravel boards into the ground to ensure the fence does not touch soil to avoid rotting over the near future.

4. Once the rails are in place we proceed to fix individual featheredge boards to the rails. Each board rests on the gravel board and is fixed to the arris rails using non rusting nails.The boards are laid in an overlapping pattern to achieve a fully closed fence.

The featheredge fence is a great solution especially in areas where the fence is exposed to high wind.


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